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Ben Male

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t:: 07572377062
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Artist Overview

I've always been drawing, creating, scribbling away, my earliest memory is of me with a crayon, drawing zooming cars on my grandparents walls. After years of studying. ADV GNVQ graphic design, HND lens imaging and three years of university studying BA HONS in 2D Animation. I took some time away to develop my skills and hone my style. Right now I'm doing my best work. I think my style is pretty individual and unique and recognisable. When creating a piece, I imagine a world, I set a story in my mind, even if its for just one character. That character has a story. I think its the inner child in me trying to break out.
I have Dyspraxia. This does not hinder me. I feel it makes me better at what I do. I think differently, see differently, its a blessing and it shows in my work and this I am proud of. My work comes from a wild, child like, unusual and massively creative imagination. I hope every one likes it.
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